Tuesday, April 7


Never let it be said that Frenchies are dogs without quirks.

Briolette's foster mom has discovered that incoming Briolette requires privacy for her toiletting.  Foster mom says: "I think I finally figured it out. She likes "privacy" when she takes care of her business. She will not potty on a walk and even in the backyard if I stand out there beside her she will not go, no matter how long we are there. I would end up giving up and then when she would come inside, she would sneak off and poop in the house. So I came up with a plan, we go outside to the yard and then I step around the corner of the house where she can't see me but I can see her, then she will go."

Foster sister to the left, private piddler to the right

Frenchies are nutty, declares

The Frog Princess


Jennifer said...

That's so funny my little girl is the same way. She will only potties when I'm around but I still have to turn my back or else she panics. I know she has abandonment issues which is why in the beginning I would have to out with her to potty. She has gotten better and will go out only if I'm home but she does her business then busts back in through the doggie door and runs in full panic to my side. Not a problem for me since I'm a stay at home furkids mom. Their little quirks are so funny, aren't they?

Frog Princess said...

They really are ridiculous little goblins! :)