Wednesday, January 9

Magnolia Enjoys the Wonder of Winter!

We would like to share this information with our readers:  FBRN has the most talented, generous, hilarious, loving volunteers in the whole world. 

That's a big claim.

Here's some evidence:

MAGNOLIA, our popular hospice girl (and deelybobber freak), expressed a wish for a bespoke coat and hat, on account of she is too little for a large coat and too zaftig for a medium.

Lo, and behold!  What should arrive in the mail for Ms. Mags, but a hat?  And a coat!  And as if these were not enough, a binkie!

All handmade by one of our volunteers!

Handmade.  By hand.  At home.  With her hands.

We'll let you FBRN friends and supporters who have never received a handmade item sit with that for a moment until the unbecoming little flashes of jealousy you might be feeling subside.

Meanwhile, Mags is ready for all the nasty slush and snow and cold and wind that winter has in store.

"Blow wind, and crack your cheeks!" sneers Magnolia.  And that's hatlessly, coatlessly, jealously seconded by

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

What a model!!!!in a very cool sweater
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

Purple is your color girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

aww adorable!