Tuesday, October 16


Nutritious AND delicious, and just a little bit salty, that's our new frogman, Pistachio.  His foster mom sent us some photos and a little information about him.

1. He rarely sits still and he is FAST! I have lots of blurry pics!

 Does this dog need a smaller tennis ball? 

 2. I have had to keep him separated from my dogs inside the home. Walks are okay.

He's looking pretty vigilant, here.  No October surprises for Mr. P!

3. I have had to spend my extra time exercising this guy to tire him out! Lots of walking!

4. I have to keep him away from my two cats which is a full time job. Those darn cats!

Pistachio plays "Hide and Seek" with the kitties.  He cheats.

 His foster mom tells us he is a very friendly boy, and he bestows his kisses freely and without regard to race, creed, gender, class, or national origin!

He is also a wonderful office dog, and he's been spending days in his foster mom's office, providing soothing background snores and grunts.  Too bad more workplaces don't allow dogs to attend.  Productivity would skyrocket!  Morale problems would be a thing of the past!

Pistachio is clearly a handful of Frenchie, and he'll be looking for a family with lots of energy and no other dogs and no kitties.  Pistachio is plenty of dog for any family!

 We'll leave you with this vision.

Pistachio and his teefs:

Resistance is futile, says

The Frog Princess

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Two French Bulldogs said...

We love you. In other words you are like my Lily, BOL
Benny (& Lily)