Wednesday, September 19

LaVelle is Pining for Her Person

Poor LaVelle.  She's been dog of the week for almost a month, and yet there has been not a single application for her.  Her foster mom bemoans the fact that this lovely, gentle, kind dog is not appealing to more adopters.

"Poor Ms. LaVelle, dog of the week and not one application. She doesn't know. I know what they are missing! LaVelle may not be the prettiest girl at the ball, still, she is the sweetest. She is so attentive, just stares into your eyes and absorbs every word you say. She is a listener. Her new thing is to bring me a bone at 7:30 am and run to her bowl and drop it in: "Time for Breakfast!" She does the same thing for dinner @ 4:30. Our other dogs eat @ 10 and 7.

"I want her to have her own home, where she can laze on the couch constantly and use her fabulous bark to fend off potential enemies. We just love her, and I pray for that perfect home. She would be a perfect companion to a stay at home person. LaVelle is not irritating at all, in fact, she is a perfect lady. She adores our furboys, especially FBRN Grad Moose (she Mom's him and he let's her, she knows he's blind) and all people. She is a real joy to foster."

We hope that LaVelle's person is out there looking for her, unaware that LaVelle is waiting patiently.  Do you know someone in the market for a great frogdog?  Check out LaVelle's bio.  She might be The One, and you might get all the credit for acting as matchmaker.  That's excellent karma, declares

The Frog Princess

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Clyde said...

But...she es a sooper pretty, bootyfull fronchie!