Tuesday, March 13

Magnolia Prepares for St. Patrick's Day

We understand that some folks are dismayed by the wearing of the green on St. Patrick's Day.  Some folks object to the way the US jokes about beer consumption, muttering about the way some people engage in hurtful stereotypes.  Some people even complain about the practice of dyeing perfectly good ale a disgusting shade of shamrock.  (We have to admit, we ourselves do agree with that last one.  People!  Really, now.  That's just nasty.)

We have heard that some folks are dismayed by what they consider the disdignification of perfectly well-equipped dogs by the addition of clothes and props and hats and the like.

We have also heard that there are individuals who decry the anthropomorphism of dog-speak and ascribing human emotions to dogs.  Science, after all, has not proven that animals experience emotions.  Science has not been paying much attention, in our opinion, but that is neither here nor there.

The sad fact is, none of the aforementioned individuals are going to enjoy this post very much, since it involves the whole basketful of objectionable material.

To whit:  Magnolia wearing green shamrock deelybobbers, and a tiny green mug, the better to enjoy some green gravy on St. Patrick's Day.  Furthermore, we are going out on a limb and we are claiming that Magnolia is having a helluva time in her outfit.

And, we contend, if you listen hard, you can hear this one-eyed beauty singing: "When a froggish eye is smilin', sure tis like the morn in spring!  In the lilt of froggish laughter, you can hear the angels sing!  When froggish hearts are happy, all the world seems bright and gay, and when a froggish eye is smiling, it will steal your heart away!"

Enjoy yourself this St. Patrick's Day, regardless of your opinions on the content and character of this post urges

The Frog Princess


Liz said...

that is a fabulous smile.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh my word Magnolia!! BOL....some buddy is having fun at your expense but you still look beautiful
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

When froggish eye is smiling? Froggish EYE?
EYE???? How dare the oppressor principessa malign the ocularly challenged yet comely Magnolia in such a discourtious fashion.

Pass me her digits and we'll pretend this never happened.

-Joey-One-Eye, FBRN grad in good standing

Frog Princess said...

Liz, she does have a gorgeous smile--it's not a grin, it's a fully realized smile! Beatific, even.

TFB, no, not really at her expense. We are laughing WITH her! ;)

JOE, you are a trouble maker, and you better beware what kind of punishment you are calling for. As an auntie of mine once said: "Off with their head!" We keep our digits, you keep your one-eyed head. Deal?

Anonymous said...

Haha! Glad to see the FP back in full and funny form! Magnolia is, indeed, adorable, also! Thx for the smiles...

Sara Marie said...

Awe Magnolia has been hitting the pints early it looks like! She is such a cutie...makes my heart smile!

Sunny Blonde Studio

Sd bullies Dak said...

So cute!

Betty said...

How old is that one eyed beauty?

Frog Princess said...

Magnolia is a lady of a certain age. She is 6.