Monday, March 28

Porkchop Plays Nice

Porkchop is settling into her foster home, and after treatment for various ailments and disorders, she is feeling much perkier!
Here's what her foster family had to say about her, with links to video:

"I've been meaning to provide a Porkchop update.  It has been a little over 2 weeks, as of Saturday.  We waited until this past weekend to begin introductions.  As we expected, things went very well.  I'm actually very surprised (pleased) by the level of playfulness that Porkchop is showing - she is much more playful than I expected, based upon our initial walks.  She is clearly feeling better and loves to play with our two.  PeaNUT is very happy to have another wrastling buddy...I can't say this strongly enough.  Attached are a few photos of the recent activities around our place.  For those who prefer movies, I have uploaded a couple to YouTube:  and

Regarding her health:

1st, I'm now a little more concerned about her breathing - especially after hearing her during/after the play.  She is very noisy.  Her tongue really sticks out during/after the play.  This also happens on our walks - and we are going pretty slow (and not very far - and it's in the evenings when it's cool).  

2nd, I believe she is feeling much better now that she is out of heat, probably over her UTI, ear infection, and her skin is improving - somewhat.  I see her everyday, so it is tough to say exactly how much her skin has improved, but I believe that I can feel a difference in the coarseness of her coat (the part that exists) and I think her skin is less red.  She is still on antibiotics and I have her on Benadryl, a grain free diet, and Duoxo calming shampoo & spray.  We need to go in for a re-check to confirm urinalysis, fecal, ears - then we will start thinking about vaccinations and eventually her spay.    

She continues to be an extremely sweet girl.  She is very funny on our walks.  Sometimes she walks at a decent pace, sometimes she REALLY takes her time.  The funniest is when we walk by the restaurants in our neighborhoods - she 100% knows about patio tables...she has to stop at every single one to beg for food or attention.  It is pretty funny, fairly quickly we have the entire restaurant looking at us and laughing at the bulldog who insists on stopping at every single table.  One day I'll get a video of these antics.  We have met a few people and spread the word about FBRN this way." 

Could you resist a pair of big, dark eyes, a couple of perky ears, a wagging nubbin, and a wide and toothy grin if you were having a little dinner al fresco?  No, neither could

The Frog Princess


Benny and Lily said...

No we can't resist those precious faces
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

My friend and I have a theory that pied Frenchies have the most extreme personalities - and it looks like Porkchop is a perfect example! I hope you feel better, real soon, adorable Porkchop!

Stella, Gunther and Macaroni said...

We LOVE Porkchop's smile!

The Smushies