Wednesday, December 29


Poor Tacoma!
He was at the vet's for his neuter surgery this week, and we got a note from his foster mom and some pitiful photos.
Poor guy.

"Tacoma came through his neuter with flying colors. He's very sleepy, but in great condition. As usual, he was star of the vet's office -- everyone there adores him. When we dropped him off this morning, they were excited to see us and told us he could wait in the front office with them rather than one of the crates/rooms in the back. After his neuter, they brought him back to the front office to wait for us, and when we arrived we found him on a little makeshift bed, covered in blankets and towels, being doted on by the staff. They wouldn't let us leave until they took just a few more photos on their personal cameras and cell phones.

Now we're home and he's laying in his bed, in front of the fire, snuggled under a blanket. Tonka (our resident Frenchie) is very confused about why he's just laying there and not playing. He keeps sniffing him and even did a little play bowing and tried to convince him to frisk. It was a cute role reversal, since Tonka is usually the one ignoring Tacoma's advances.

This neuter means he'll be ready to go available with the next update. We're working on getting the info and photos for his bio together for the web team. It's going to be a terribly bittersweet time for us. We're excited for him to find his forever home, but we're going to miss him more than we can possibly convey. He has utterly stolen our hearts."

Let's hear it for our courageous foster families, who volunteer to break their hearts so another family can adopt a needy dog!  Thank you to all our foster homes!

The Frog Princess

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Tacoma poor baby. We went through it. They kept our stuff, its nutty.
Hope you feel better soon
Benny & Lily