Thursday, December 27

Say Hey to the Puppy Mill Six-Pack!

After several months of recuperation time in a shelter following the shut down of a commercial breeding operation, we are delighted to welcome with open arms the Puppy Mill Six-Pack (PM6P). These dogs range from youthful to senior, relatively healthy to in need of a surgery or two. Over the next few days we will introduce you to them in more depth with photos from their foster homes.
(This is Bunker.)
Meanwhile, you can learn more about them and see their photos on the website, here. And if you are moved to sponsor one or two or all of these survivors of the puppy mill system of companion animal production, you can that, too.

And now, we bring to you a moment of shameless and proud bragging. All six of these dogs, not one of them having lived in a home situation before, not one of them cultured or trained or ready to be placed in a forever family just yet, found foster families to stay with at the height of the holiday season, just when holiday stress is peaking and holiday preparations are rising to a fevered pitch, what with the decorating and the wrapping, the last-minute present purchases and fruitcake baking. Our volunteers, several of them brand-new, first-time foster families, stepped right up and took in these dogs and had them going to specialists (the week before Christmas! Dropping everything to take their foster frogs to specialists and even getting second opinions!), integrating them into their households, and starting housebreaking and basic obedience training. Is this not remarkable? Don't you feel like cheering?

(Here's Tori, playing with one of the boys in his foster family.)

Well, maybe not cheering, but you might leave a nice comment or an encouraging word for our fabulous foster families who volunteered to be inconvenienced at the most inconvenient time, as well as the foster coordinators who make the placements happen by locating homes and coordinating the transports, following up with first-time foster families and making sure all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed. French bulldogs have been raining down on East and West coasts this month--and our foster families have been there for our frogbabies every time we have asked. We also offer our sincerest thanks to the shelter workers, vets and volunteers who took such loving care of these dogs.

We proudly and loudly pronounce and proclaim that our volunteers are the BEST! crows
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

These are the best people in the world. That's all there is to it.

-Joey One Eye

Anonymous said...

God bless these wonderful people, as I rub my Phoebe...a FBRN pup and a puppy mill survivor. Without FBRN ,her wonderful foster parents Stacy & Dan and donations stories like this can't be told. We shall be watching these newest survivors, and hopefully seeing them adopted soon!

string and wax said...

As someone who has been devotedly reading everything FBRN and sending my hopes and prayers towards the people, froggies, and the other animals who help them start over...thank you! I hope to be a frog-mama myself one day soon.


Mel said...

I have a video of Calypso here. We kept him for monitoring the night after his neuter. As you can see, the heart problem wasn't slowing him down much.