Wednesday, August 15

Home at last!

Here is a photo of our former foster dog, JJ, expressing sentiments we heartily echo upon our return from a visit to strange and foreign lands, where we enjoyed a near-surfeit of fishy foods, and where the deceptively picturesque waves sweeping up and off the rocky shores seem tailor-made to deliver an unsuspecting dignitary into oblivion.

We continue to brush sand out of our lovely coat whilst enjoying memories of interesting encounters with strange and pinchy beasts; with giddy, squealing foreigners for whom our particular sort of beauty was a delightful novelty; and with uncouth hounds who made a little free with our person in their exuberant curiousity to discover the secret of our origins. We were obliged to object to these liberties, but we did so in our usual charming way and avoided causing An Incident.

Enjoyable as it may be to spend a few days in the company of our royal family and the people of other, saltier climes, we are delighted to return to our fragrant, moist and emerald valley kingdom, where fishy foods are but an occasional treat and the only waves to sneak up on us are tame ones in the tub and water dish.

Hoping you behaved yourselves while we were gone, we remain

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Your Majesty:

Your return is a cause for rejoicing amongst us! Your prolonged "walk-about" had left many of us quite bereft.


A devoted subject

Bruce Wayne & Muddy Catfish said...

Your Majesty,
I am but an itchy peasant, Bruce Wayne from the western regions. I humbly seek your royal attention regarding my itchy belly. I see young Master JJ has overcome this embarrassing and annoying infliction. My owner wants to cook for me, but, if my mush pot looks anything like that of her litter, I might starve! Could you possibly send her to a higher institute of learning for a proper Frenchie diet?
Regards and admiration,
Bruce, Texas
P.S. My younger and rather annoying housemate, Catfish, snorts his love to you as well and says he would give his canines to slobber all over your tiara. The animal!