Monday, April 2

Easter Basket Raffle Winning Numbers!

The winning numbers for the FBRN Easter Basket Raffle are:

Canada - #69

California Dreamin' - #24

California Bad to the Bone - #52

Pacific Northwest - #159

California Hollywood Style - #40

Southeast Southern Belle - #12

Southeast Seashore - #28

Midwest - #7

Northeast - #85

Arizona - #17

Texas - #75

New Hampshire - #26

Alaska - #12

North Carolina Queen for a Day - #15

North Carolina King for a Day - #18

North Carolina Remember the Little Ones - #7

North Carolina Everything BUT the Dog - #27

Mid-Atlantic - #221

Congratulations to all the winners, and our grateful appreciation to everyone who bought tickets! The raffle raised almost twice as much money this year as last year, selling over 2,000 tickets! Our volunteers pulled out all the stops on these baskets, and our imagination boggles at the prospect of what we'll see next year!

Young Pippin wishes all our supporters, volunteers and adopters a happy Spring, and reminds us all to take a few moments to take some deep breaths of fresh and fragrant air.
The Frog Princess


Balboa said...

Wow, over 2,000 tickets. That's wonderful for FBRN. Congratulations to all the winners!

Anonymous said...

The baskets were (are) AMAZING!! The generosity of the volunteers AND the bidders is just incredible... So many Frenchie's will be helped and so many people walked away with such wonderful prizes! A WIN/WIN for all!