Tuesday, March 20

Detective Tuggie to the Rescue!

In earlier posts about Tuggie, our New Jersey girl from the great Southwest, we learned that this hard of hearing Frenchie is a great pal to her boy, Ian.
She stays with him in his room until he falls asleep, then goes to sleep on the big bed in the master bedroom until morning, when Ian gets up to let Bandit and Tuggie out in the backyard. Recently, Tuggie gave her mom a bit of a scareInstead of settling down to a session of wrasslin' with Bandit, Tuggie insisted on going out on the deck, twice, three, four times in quick succession.
As a vet tech, her mom wondered what all this going out was signifying. She put on her boots and went out in the snow to see what Tuggie was up to. As soon as her mom put on her boots, Tuggie became very excited, running to the door and back and finally out on to the deck and down to the side of the pool, where she stood grinning and waggling her tail nubbin.
As Tuggie's foster mom came closer to see what she was doing, Tuggie leaned down to sniff at a narrow opening near the foundation of the pool. And what should be discovered down there all alone and crying and fearful, but a tiny wee baby raccoon!
As Tuggie's mom said, she may be hard of hearing, but there's nothing wrong with her brains! She is smart enough to sniff out a problem and get her mom's attention. Tuggie had found a baby raccoon in need and helped to save its life. We couldn't be prouder of her than if we ourselves had pulled that tiny morsel of raccoonity out of its snowy sepulchre and delivered it back into the cold bright winter day and another chance at life. Yea, verily! Let us sing the praises of sweet Tuggie, a dog for all seasons and no chauvinist when it comes to saving life: domestic or wild; pup or kit; indoors or outdoors makes no difference to young Tuggie.

Tuggie's mom got the baby out of its little predicament (she says she was safe to do it, as she has worked with wildlife in the past and had rabies vaccine)*, then called the Wildlife Rehabilitation people to come and fetch the baby. The raccoon will be properly fed and cared for and released when the time comes.
Tuggie is a hero! Just think--if Tuggie hadn't been rescued and rehabilitated, and her mom hadn't applied for her, and Tuggie hadn't moved to New Jersey to live with a dog-savvy family who knew enough to read her distress signals and follow her out to the deck, a wee baby raccoon might not have survived.
It's awfully nice when even the animal kingdom starts paying it forward, philosophizes
The Frog Princess

*Readers should be aware that raccoons can carry parvovirus and rabies and it is a good idea to let animal control handle any injured or orphaned animals.


Anonymous said...

Kudos to Tuggie and her family for saving a baby racoon! What a wonderful story of a two and four-legged team effort.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Tuggie!